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March 25, 2022

DGBELL Battery Test Chambers

DGBELL's battery test chambers are suitable for testing Li-ion cells, battery packs and modules. Handling lithium-ion batteries can present a variety of potential hazards. System operators need to assess risk levels and use appropriate safety concepts to address them, and DGBELL manufactures high-performance, high-reliability test equipment that exceeds industry standard specifications.

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DGBELL is available in many different sizes and configurations and can test various types of batteries. Each chamber is fully custom and crafted to match the testing requirements of each product. Our custom processes also keep you safe and deliver performance tailored directly to your needs.


Safety features ensure that your technicians are never in harm's way. These features reduce the chance of an explosion and minimize the damaging effects of a spark-induced explosion. The following are some of the additional options available for your battery test chamber.


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  •  Automatic door lock
  •  Blow off the top
  •  Chain lock door
  •  Explosion Proof Indoor Lights
  •  Exterior lights
  •  Gas detector/monitor
  •  Fire extinguishing system
  •  Handwheel Latch
  •  Handle/Latch
  •  Intrinsically Safe Barrier
  •  Nitrogen purge
  •  Non-sparking fan blades
  •  Laminate Flooring
  •  Jacketed heater
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